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A wide range of hydraulic equipment

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About our company

SIA INTEST represents the interests of MOOG GmbH in the Baltic States, which manufactures servo-hydraulic and servo-electric systems used for precise control of force, speed, power, acceleration or position. We supply a wide range of MOOG GmbH servo valves, proportional valves and servo hydraulic systems.


SIA INTEST supplies a wide range of hydraulic equipment to the markets of the Baltic countries. The range of supplied products includes hydraulic stations, servo valves, proportional valves, hydraulic distributors, filters, cylinders, pumps, hydraulic motors, etc. manufactured by Eaton-Vickers, Parker-Denison, Danfoss, , Bosch-Rexroth, Hydac and other companies.

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We offer MOOG servovalves and proportional valves, as well as DOWTY, ULTRA, NOBEL, VISHAY and BOFOR servovalves service, maintenance and overhaul. Maintenance and repairs are carried out in the INTEST laboratory, which is equipped with all necessary MOOG GbmH equipment.

We also offer repair of Rexroth, Denison and Danfoss pumps and motors

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